Our Services

We offer a wide variety of programs to allow you to select what best suit your needs. Below is our breakdown of monthly packages and the services they entail. Have questions or looking for something not listed? Contact us.

For all inquiries related to consulting, training or speaking engagements, please contact here.

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$199*per month
4-6 Posts per Week
Up to 7 Custom Posts per Month
about your events & jewelry lines
Up to 3 Contests per Year
Seasonal Cover Photo Options
*rec addtl minimum $30 in FB Ads
$229/month, non-annual
$269*per month
Gold Program Services
PLUS Interaction and Monitoring of Your Facebook Page
*rec addtl minimum $40 in FB Ads
$289/month, non-annual
$429*per month
Facebook Platinum Services
10-15 Pinterest Pins Per Week
OR 3-4 Instagram Posts
*rec addtl minimum $50 in FB Ads
$479/month, non-annual
Dia Deluxe
$479*per month
Facebook Platinum Services
3-4 Instagram Posts Per Week
*rec addtl minimum $75 in FB Ads
$529/month, non-annual
All Customized for you!
Posts Including:
up to 6 / week on Facebook
up to 4 / week on Instagram
up to 20 pins / week on Pinterest
2 Strategy Calls / month
Minimum $500 / month in ads
Minimum 6-month contract


Facebook post with diamond stud earrings from jewelry store using social media
social media to promote upgrading of diamond studs for jewelers
jewelry store Facebook post with social media to get people to pick their favorite diamond earrings
interactive jewelry store Facebook post with engagement ring image
spring cleaning for new jewelry Facebook post for jewelers
jewelry store social media Facebook post for graduates with diamond stud earrings
xoxo jewelry social media post - I Love You This Much
jewelry store promise to take care of our customers on social media
diamonds and chocolate Facebook post for jewelers

Need in-store training to manage your social media accounts in-house? Would you like to have Tiffany speak to your organization or group? Please contact us for details.