3 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Facebook Presence

Posted by Tiffany Buley on Wednesday the 9th of July, 2014

1. Post Fresh Product
Whether you are managing your business fan page yourself or having a company take care of it for you, make sure you are posting product on your page at least a few times/month.

Tip: If you’re working with a company, pick a day at the beginning of each month to send them 4-6 product photos they can post to your page. They can then spread out the posts to keep it consistent.

Tip+: If you’re doing it yourself, try to mark a time in your calendar each week to take care of this task.

2. Tell Your Customers In Store
Whenever you have a customer in the store making a purchase, tell them to make sure to check out your Facebook page for the latest products and events at the store. Jewelry can be a big ticket purchase, so top of mind awareness is key. If no one in your store mentions Facebook, you are missing a huge opportunity to blend the two storefronts (virtual and brick & mortar).

Tip: If you have an iPad in store, have Facebook/Pinterest setup for customers to see. Or if you have a TV screen, pull some of your favorites from your fan page and integrate those into your slideshow.

Tip+: Host fun giveaways on your page to keep things exciting and engaging.

3. When you tell customers about Facebook, make a note if they are a fan.
Keep track of how many of your customers are fans. Facebook utilizes a soft sell approach with jewelry to help you keep them coming back to you.

Tip: Ask good/frequent customers to post a review for you on Facebook or share your page with their friends. This word of mouth referral can help bring more people in the door.

Tip+: Consider offering a referral bonus to current customers. It is a lot easier to keep a customer referred to you than someone who has no connection to you.