About Keep Me Connected

Keep Me Connected was founded in 2011 by Tiffany Buley-Gonzalez. Tiffany grew up working in her family’s company, Jewelry Ads That Work and started Keep Me Connected to help jewelers have fun with their customers and love them through the avenue of social media.

Just like so many of our customers, ours is a family business. Tiffany’s mother, Barbara, brother Ryan, and sister Jessica all work in the company to help provide great service to clients every day.

Since the business started, Tiffany and her team have helped hundreds of jewelers learn more about social media and find success through it.

In addition to offering monthly management services, Tiffany loves teaching seminars to educate jewelers who are managing their own social media presence. Her team expands on seminars with in store consulting and training to prepare your staff to smoothly and successfully manage platforms in store.

A quote from Gail Goodman, the CEO of Constant Contact in her book Engagement Marketing says a lot about why a presence on Facebook is so important for small businesses. “A few years ago, we did a survey of small businesses and found that 83% of new business was ‘referrals.’... What’s the real marketing game changer? Age-old word-of-mouth marketing strategies made publicly visible by social media sites.”

Social media gives your customers a platform to recommend you and sing your praises to thousands of others. In today’s world, we don’t just look for word of mouth recommendations, we look for what people are saying about businesses on the web, so these recommendations become even more powerful.

Need in-store training to manage your social media accounts in-house? Would you like to have Tiffany speak to your organization or group? Please contact us for details.